Esoterica is a lot of fun!  - The New York Times

…cleverly and subtly directed by Elysa Marden…Transitions between the various segments are elegant and smooth. - Backstage

…directed with precision by Elysa Marden. - American Theatre Web (NYC)

Esoterica is half con, half illusion, but it’s almost always astonishing. And it’s 100% pure theatrical magic!  - (NYC)

The Forever Waltz

The poet Glyn Maxwell weaves an Orpheus story for the digital age, in an ethereal production directed by Elysa Marden. - The New Yorker

Those familiar with Mr. Maxwell’s poetry… know that something’s coming. And it does… subtle, if wrenching, comedy - The New York Times

The Forever Waltz is more precarious than any murder mystery, more intelligent than any run-of-the-mill updated myth, and certainly more twisted and intriguing than any show I have seen in quite some time. As far as I’m concerned, this play can keep waltzing for as long as it pleases. - Talking Broadway (NYC)

…keeps the audience guessing as to the exact nature of what’s going on right up to the climactic scene… the cast of three do a fine job of creating two believable worlds.  - The List (Edinburgh UK)


… a romantic comedy not to be missed… The direction of Elysa Marden is elegant and evocative. - Joe Franklin, Bloomberg Radio (NY)

It’s something you shouldn’t miss if you’re in New York this week.  -

Fuddy Meers

…an excellent production of this deliciously wacky script. Don’t miss it. …Director Elysa Marden has a sharp ear for tone. - The Daily Gazette (NY)

I Hear (Oigo)

This extraordinary approach has great emotional power. - The New York Times


****1/2 Homebody/Kabul is immensely entertaining, and the important, maybe even necessary, questions it raises will resonate long after you leave the theater.  - Independent Collegian (OH)

The Last Night of Ballyhoo

Directed by Elysa Marden, the Brown production is strong, nicely textured, and satisfying.  - Providence Journal (RI)

Goethe’s Persephone/A Phoenix Too Frequent

…one of the most delightful Off-Broadway treats in recent months… It is a sheer delight under Ms. Marden’s economical and deliberate direction. She has kept the productions simple and uncluttered, allowing us to feast on the beauty of Fry’s language and on the delicious performances of a first-rate cast. -Bergen News (NJ)


Under Elysa Marden’s direction, it becomes enjoyable, ultimately tragic, theater.   -American Theatre Web (NYC)

In the synthesis of her conspicuous sense of comedy, her redoubtable knowledge of theatrical history, and a disciplined yet free-ranging intellect, Marden tends to remind one of a New York-based Mary Zimmerman. (NYC)

Eric & Nelson: Men of Magic

You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, you’ll be amazed and amused. (NYC)

The Umbrella Play

Elysa Marden’s direction was fluent and imaginative. -Off-Off Broadway Review (NYC)

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

Director Elysa Marden makes the all scamper through the commotion and has them plant clues or misdirections deftly… I’ll Be Back Before Midnight will have you grinning murderously. -Providence Phoenix (RI)

…director Elysa Marden has it dancing a tune of murder, mayhem and malevolence. - Providence Journal (RI)